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Communications and New Media | National University of Singapore | Research Scholarship

Ordinary Extraordinary Gamespaces : Videogames as Transient Spaces of Everyday Life.

The thesis explores the concepts of space and time in videogames. From the designer's monitor to the player's screen, spatiotemporal elements shape the player's experience of videogame spaces, expanding on her perceptions of everyday life.

Full abstract and Download.

some might assume that videogames are an 'incomplete' representation, since they are based on a 'certain level of abstraction'
yet the perceptions on 'realiy' are also based on abstraction,
it's impossible to comprehend everything at once, therefore the attention is used selectively and so the representation needs to be based on abstractions


I currently teach at Nanyang Technological University, where I lecture on critical Game Studies (History of Games), for which I designed the syllabus. I also teach an introductory course on Time-Based Media (4D) at the same University, both courses are part Of the Department of Arts, Design and Media.

I previously lectured at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, for the Interactive Design Program. The course I designed included creating a 3D videogame prototype / Interactive 3D as a solo project, using Blender.

I teach the occasional workshop on 3D games / Interactive 3D prototyping every now and then. I'VE TAUGHT THESE MAINLY IN INDONESIA AND MEXICO.