Career Perks: Facts About Being a Fashion Designer

Do you have a knack for art? Does fashion excite and inspire you? If so, you should consider (and likely already have considered) becoming a fashion designer. After all, it’s the ideal intersection between artistic expression and work in the fashion industry.


Whether you’ve been mulling over the idea of becoming a fashion designer for a while or have just thought of the notion, take a look at this article. Here, we’ll show you all the fashion designer perks that might tip the scale for your decision.

Constant Creativity Exercise

One of the more obvious perks of being a fashion designer is the fact that you get to express yourself creatively. The entire job is based on you coming up with new designs for clothes and accessories. This inevitably leads to you channeling your artistic chops into your work.


But why does that matter? Well, the feeling of putting a piece of your creative self into your work is immensely satisfying. It adds meaning to the job, and the pride in seeing your product worn and enjoyed makes all hardships before that moment worth it. 


Who knows, maybe you even end up starting a fashion trend that goes worldwide. We don’t need to tell you how the opportunity to have your work celebrated at fashion shows and stores would be a good thing.


However, you needn’t become a fashion superstar to get pleasure from your work. The simple act of expressing yourself regularly through your designs is enough.


Travel Opportunities

Fashion is worldwide. Depending on your success, you’ll get in touch with clients farther away from you as time goes on. You’ll have fashion shows to attend and boutiques to visit, and not all of them are down the street from you.


In other words, to be a fashion designer means you will have to travel a lot. If you’ve ever dreamt of visiting Paris, London, or Milan, being a fashion designer might be the ticket you need. You’ll get to see places you’ve never laid eyes on, be they sprawling metropolises or bucolic fashion hubs.


Mind you, all this traveling isn’t purely for pleasure. You are going to these places for business, after all. Rest assured, however, that you’ll manage to squeeze in the time to go sightseeing. That’s owing to the work schedule of fashion designers, which is what we’ll cover next.

Time Flexibility

One of the biggest fashion designer pros in most people’s eyes is the flexibility such work offers. Tons of people struggle to strike a work-life balance that feels right, leaving them overworked and drained. 


Luckily, fashion designers have the benefit of flexible, as-needed work hours. They can set work aside to better fit their personal schedule. They can also cram their work into a few intense days to meet a deadline, leaving more room for other stuff before that. That way, you can point your creative juices toward your work whenever you feel they’re at their strongest.


We don’t want to give you the impression that being a fashion designer is a breeze, though. You’ll have plenty of work to do, especially if you’re just starting out. Once you’ve gotten a foothold in the industry, this perk will become more apparent.

Deals With Huge Amounts of Money

At the end of the day, everyone wants to get paid for what they do. So, what’s the money like for a fashion designer?


Depending on the success you have, you can make hand over fist or earn just enough to be comfortable in life. At the start of your fashion career, you’ll probably enjoy a fine salary. However, it will pale in comparison to how much you can make when you make it in the business, especially if you partner up with a massive brand.


Big deals like that are still far away for a novice, though. The odds are that people starting out as fashion designers will have to work under a mentor. Typically, this also comes with doing assistant work for a not-so-glamorous pay. All of that builds up your skillset, however, so the effort won’t be in vain.

Active Social Life

There are two major parts of being a fashion designer. One is artistic, and the other is social. In this line of work, you’ll have ample opportunity to revel in both.


As you keep working, you will inevitably grow your network of friends and colleagues. Meeting clients, mentors, and countless others at shows, exhibits, and business deals will leave you with a vibrant social life.


That notion sounds appealing and fun, but it’s also a necessary part of the job. You need to be socially savvy and active to get noticed. This is why social butterflies often do well enough in this profession. Naturally, a great talent and hard work can compensate if you’re more of an introvert. However, at least a little socializing is a must for a fashion designer.

You Are Your Own Boss

Among the biggest yet rarely highlighted fashion designer perks is the independence you enjoy. Granted, you have clients, and you have to abide by their wishes and instructions to the extent they lay those out for you. However, most clients entrust the details to you. That leaves you able to work at your terms and at your pace.


It’s difficult to overstate how important and freeing this kind of autonomy is. You have nobody breathing down your neck and pushing you to do everything their way. You don’t need to rely on someone else to get the work finished, either: it’s all in your hands. What better way to do your job as a creative person with a strong vision?