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Every week, we feature some of the team’s great finds and some of our readers’ favorite products. Enjoy this week’s pick!


Gold Caffeine chemical Molecule Necklace

We love it obviously because of two things. We love coffee, and we love science! It’s the perfect combination. Only the weirdos like us will recognize one, and we like to keep it that way. Oh, and did we mention it’s gold? Au!


Science Lab Scarf

This Science Lab Scarf was submitted by one of our readers last week, and we totally geeked about it! If you are a true science warrior, then you will wear this in your sleep. By the way, one of us identified everything on that scarf. Impressive!

Brain Pendant

This is a no-brainer! (no pun intended).  Wear this in public, and heads will definitely turn!

Quantum Science Necklace

This Quantum Science Necklace made us super interested. Aside from its design, some say that it has tons of benefits because of the energy that it possess.

Test Tube Rack Necklace

Well, if you can’t get enough of your test tube work in the lab, then why not take the tubes with you whenever you go? Trust us. It does not look weird at all.

“Science Bitch” Fashion Laboratory Badge

We saw a kid wearing this in one of our conferences, and we were jealous! It’s cute, it’s feisty, and we want it!

So glad to see you sticking around!

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