Popular Animal Onesies That Are Taking The World By Storm

The word onesies comes from two Japanese words kiru – to wear and nuigurumi – a plush toy. Phonetically pronounced “Key your ou me”. There is a wide variety of designs and styles of onesies pajamas, from animals to prehistoric Jurassic dinosaurs, which makes it relevant for each family member. It is now possible to meet people dressed in Onesies not only on the streets of Japan, but also in any city in the world.

As mentioned above, the onesies has a large variation of styles, but all pajamas have common elements back zipper, as in pajamas with feet. There are no onesies feet, but there is the possibility of buying plush slippers-pads separately and a wide hood that imitates the head of a loved one character.

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Usually, onesies are sewn of two types of fabric light fleece or warm fleece. Light fleece is a wonderful material that will warm in a cool evening, and warm fleece will provide better protection from the cold in winter. It is easy to take care of these two fabrics and you can safely wash them in a washing machine without further ironing. You can find stitched onesies from other fabrics, there are jeans and polished cotton.

One of the small joys of children is a dream in their favorite animal’s pajamas. In fact, adults are not much different from children. The most popular categories of Onesies are:

  • Animals and nature
  • Cartoon Characters
  • Fairytale characters
  • Ghosts and Monsters

Perhaps for us this is not relevant, and you have nowhere to find this, but in Japan, on certain days, an office worker can freely come to work in Onesies. Also, onesies is a beautiful costume for Halloween, its advantage is that after celebrating your pajamas you can wear it repeatedly for other purposes, not only for sleeping.

Most onesies are undemanding in washing, they can be washed in a typewriter and dried in a dryer, but we insist on checking the tag, it is possible to meet pajamas made from a material intended only for dry cleaning. Information on the care of pajamas can be found on the tag attached to pajamas, so read the information carefully to extend the life of this beautiful product.

Being popular among teenagers and adults in Japan, Onesies has spread throughout the world and is becoming a must-have in the wardrobe of young people in the United States and Europe. Funny, warm, sweet, these properties, as it turned out, are enough to win the wardrobe of people all over the globe.

Onesies is quite popular. Therefore it is available for sale in any part of America. The price in America is on average from 1,300 dollars to 6,000 dollars, depending on the model.

What is onesies?

This is pajamas. But her difference is that she looks like an animal costume, a cartoon character or a fairy tale. The name is an abbreviation of Dzintai Tukoyo Nuigurumi, where Dzintai is the human body, Tukoyo is worn, Nuigurumi is a soft toy; that is, it literally translates as a soft toy for wearing on the human body.

To wear it is not just fun, but also pleasant, as it is sewn of soft types of fabric, mostly fix. Therefore, many dress it not only at home, but also at festivals, ski resorts, children’s matinees, corporate parties and even used in shows. Especially viral it spreads over the Internet Almost every blogger has videos in such clothes. Often it is put on the stream. In order to know more you may always take the help of the internet.

A couple of tips when buying

It is very important when choosing to look at the seams, whether the threads stick out. If this catches the eye immediately, the fabric will quickly disperse at the seams. You have to either self-hemmer or throw out. It is better to take from stores with a high rating. It will give a guarantee for a return if you notice a defect already when worn. You can also take it a size or two more, it looks like a chip, and you will be more comfortable.

Regarding the size and sport, if you are going to wear a character over outerwear, it is better to measure everything together especially if you are going to play sports. Directly during the fitting, sit down, walk, and wave your arms and legs. It is very important that the costume does not hold down the movement and is not too large. Otherwise you will only be engaged in tipping and tying it.

Pay attention to the additional parts, such as the tail, wings and the rest. They should not bother you. Remember, any clothes should be comfortable; otherwise the purchase will not be a joy. There is still a moment in appearance. Onesies is almost always decorated with fabric pieces. For example, if a girl adds sequins, rhinestones or crystals to her pajamas, this will really make her image unique and more interesting.

You should not limit yourself only to additions in the form of gloves and sneakers. What prevents you from wearing a backpack, socks or glasses of the same color? If you take it as a gift, you will completely guess. Firstly: this is a truly original gift, and secondly: it will be very difficult to make a mistake with the size, as it is worn freely. If this is a gift for a child, believe me, now you will become his favorite.

It should be said in advance that in pajamas you can not only sleep, but also use it as clothing for your home. There is a huge variety of women’s and men’s pajamas. Today we will focus on female models in more detail.

Onesies: new age pajamas

Earlier pajamas were an ordinary set of clothes, pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt. But now, with the suggestion of the Japanese, the trend of a new line, the Onesies, began to take shape.

Advantages of Onesies over analogues:

  • The presence of the hood
  • Cheerful appearance

The hood may not be required if you only sleep in onesies. But modern youth wear onesies even to the street.

The choice of fabric: synthetic vs. natural

You need to understand that absolutely natural paintings today do not exist. The reason is that they can sit down after washing, no matter how cold the water is. In addition, natural fibers fray significantly faster. Naturally, consumers will not be satisfied if after a year of active use of pajamas, it turns into a doormat.

For this reason, synthetic fabric is added to the fabric. It will make the canvas more practical when used in the long term. It is unlikely that onesies is suitable for grown-up and wealthy people. For them, there is also a version. He is a whole suit. It is worth recalling that before the 19th century there were entire collections of home clothes. Today we have only pajamas and bathrobes. However, there was a whole industry of shoe making for home use.